CVS is dedicated to delivering the best quality replacement window for the price you can afford. That’s why we offer a package with every budget in mind. It’s important to note that many of our competitors offer the equivalent of our basic model as their top performing product or their only choice.

All of our levels offer the highest quality materials, best construction methods, great design options and guaranteed improved performance with an unbeatable combination of function and beauty.

We’ll help you determine what windows are right for you to improve your home’s comfort, value and appearance.

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The panoramic view provided by bay or bow windows adds drama and character to any room while dramatically changing the overall look of any home.

Each bay or bow window from CVS is custom made to fit your home and available in either casement or double hung styles. Frames are available in wood grain interior finishes and a variety of colors.

Fusion-welded frames and sashes, heavy-duty weather stripping and patented insulation help keep the windows warmer thereby keeping utility bills lower.

A multi-point locking system secures the window system simultaneously with the ease of a single handle.

For a brighter and broader outlook and features that are truly unique, consider a bay or bow window from CVS.


From traditional to contemporary, casement windows from CVS offer an elegant charm to any home. They enhance your viewing area by eliminating window obstructions to let in natural light.

In the past, casement windows performed poorly when it came to keeping out cold, wind and rain. That is no longer the case. Today’s versions are so well engineered and constructed that the harder the wind blows, the tighter they seal. Frames and sashes stay strong and square for a lifetime of durable performance and extra-thick vinyl construction offers enduring beauty.

CVS casement windows open a full 90 degrees for easy, safe cleaning. An easy-to-reach multi-point locking system provides increased security with a single handle.

Timeless beauty can be added to every window opening with striking design details. CVS can top off a set of casement windows with a variety of elegant beveled leaded glass designs and classic decorative grids.

  Double Hung

Out most widely used window has a warm, traditional look and classic design while offering utmost functionality. It tilts in for easy cleaning and comes in a variety of colors. Patented insulation ensures energy efficiency. No caulking or painting is ever needed and cleaning is safe and easy, and the product is virtually maintenance free.

Double hung windows from CVS are the picture of modern technology inside and out. They’re practical and attractive and we’re sure we can provide a style to match your architectural design or decorating motif.

  Garden Windows

A garden window from CVS complements any architectural style while adding natural sunlight and warmth all year round.

A sleek design and optimal glass area provide a wide view and a classic look. Not only do garden windows make rooms appear to be more open and spacious but they are structurally strong, weather-tight and virtually maintenance free.

Casement side panels allow for adjustable ventilation while providing an easy-to-reach and easy-to-operate multi-point locking system. An interior glazing bead makes it virtually impossible to remove glass from the outside.

Most importantly, garden windows provide an ideal environment for houseplants. Find your place in the sun with a garden window from CVS.

  Sliding Windows

CVS sliding windows are the perfect combination of form and function offering beauty, security, ease-of-use and maintenance freedom. You get the broad perspective of a picture window with the functionality of a double hung.

Fusion-welded sashes and frames give the insulated glass added longevity and resistance to weather stress.

A state-of-the-art track and roller system makes sliding these windows simple to do. Security cam locks make break-ins virtually impossible and sashes remove easily from the inside to make cleaning safe and easy.

CVS sliding windows are available in two or three sections with end or center configurations. A smooth glazing bead design gives the appearance of a wood window without the maintenance.

  Decorative Glass

Energy-Efficient Glass with Distinctive Styling

Enjoy the beautiful splendor of authentic, old world, beveled-leaded glass; the Early American look of colonial grids; or the rustic charm of diamond grids. Each decorative style is mounted between two panes of insulating glass for protection and easy cleaning. CVS, also offers beautiful Regal V-Groove hand-cut glass and brass leading for added distinction.











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