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The year was 1973.
“Crocodile Rock” topped the charts.
“The Exorcist” was the leading moneymaker
at the box office.
TV viewers declared that “All in the Family”
was #1.
Income for the average American was about $10,000.
A 1st class stamp was 8 cents.
A gallon of gas was 39 cents.

A replacement window could be had for $189.

1973 was also the year that Creative Vinyl Systems was getting started.
CVS was founded on the premise that buying directly from the manufacturer for home installation is simply the best way to go. That basic concept, along with an extraordinary attention to detail, expert installation techniques and impeccable service, have driven CVS to the forefront of the local home improvement industry.

You’ve seen the CVS yard signs everywhere – chances are they’re in your neighborhood. Not only do they indicate that CVS is working year round but they help homeowners identify “a new house at the same address”.

Find out why thousands of valley residents have depended on and referred CVS Windows & Siding.

And, while stamps, gas and everything else cost a lot more these days, you can still get a replacement window from CVS for $189.

We’ve seen the last of the pet rocks, Reggie Jackson and Bob Griese have long since retired and “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown” can only be heard on oldies stations now, but
CVS Windows & Siding is here to stay.

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